Monday, July 20, 2015

Garden Center Beauties

We visited my favorite garden center last week. I got this shot of a beautiful Begonia plant.

Another beautiful Begonia.

Love this tree with the hanging baskets.

Everyone has some kind of vintage planter that they can do this.

Inside the garden center is a boutique and I love this magnificent Paris
banner that they had hanging inside.

Stunning display of glassware.

This beauty is for sale.

Inside were hanging more than a dozen beautiful chandeliers.

I liked this little chandelier.

We bought this plant and brought it home and planted it.
It is supposed to attract butterflies.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Suz, those chandeliers...they are calling my name! DOn't you just love a good garden center? And that tree with all the plants under it....I can't remember the name, but I grew up with those all around me in our gardens! Whenever we go back to California to visit, we see these beauties everywhere, mature and beautifully pruned.

Enjoy your day! Anita

Michelle Spieler said...

Hey Suzie, which garden center is this? Stunning! I love love that french banner! Miss you all

Debby said...

Hi Suz, New follower! I saw your post on Dee's blog about Half Moon Bay and it caught my eye. I grew up around there. Pacifica, San Francisco - we used to steal and throw pumpkins at our rivals, Half Moon Bay High school back in the day. Nice to meet you and you have a lovely blog.

Robyn said...

Such beautiful images first thing this morning. You find the most beautiful chandeliers, Susan! I can't believe we're already in the 3rd week of July so the roses here don't have much longer.
Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

Dee said...

Those flowers are beauties indeed and that tree with the hanging baskets was gorgeous. I've always loved chandeliers, too and one of these days I'll have a huge, sparkly one hanging above my dining room table. By the way, I hope your plant brings lots of pretty butterflies your way... :)

Susu Paris Chic said...

Hi from the Jersey Shore!

I'm relaxing under the sweet sun. It's lovely popping in and seeing what you've been up to.

The Style Crone said...

Your photos are always amazing and your favorite garden center is a pleasure to behold. I bought a chandelier at a junk store for $30 last week and it's hanging in my garden. I seem to want chandeliers everywhere right now. I can always count on you to feature chandeliers that I yearn for.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening dear Suz! I just came inside from our National Night Out party in the street...the bugs are getting to me!

SO LOVELY to see your comments on my page! I fail to realize that many people view blogs off their phones or tablets, but I still post in a way that requires a laptop so one can hear the music and see the photos as intended. Thank you for viewing my post off the computer.

You asked about those slippers! Well out here in Minneapolis, we have some pretty fabulous vintage and antique shops. I got those years ago in a shop called VICTORY; they are still in town, but changed owners. The merchandise now is still fabulous, even better, but I bought those way back when it was owned by an interior designer who occassionally had antiques and special, delicate items. Aren't they fab? I bet you can Google silk and velvet slippers....and here is the name brand of the shoe:


Google them and see if you can find them. They are perfect to slip on to just putter around the house when guests come!

Love to you! Anita

Jade said...

So beautiful treasures, dear Suz! And the wonderful roses - here in Bavaria it is too hot for roses at the moment........we hope for some rain next week! Have a lovely weekend,

hugs Jade

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Suz,
I loved your visit, thank you dearly for your comment that made me smile with all my salvaged efforts to create a piece of old I to use.

As for your post here, I would LOVE to have that rusted planter, it so speaks to me, and the small mini chandelier, I love the look of both the elegance and the rustic together.
I have a friend moving back to the beach and I will enjoy taking time to shop your frequent shops in your home beach city.

See you soon dear, now I so want some big rusty planters.


The Style Crone said...

Beautiful photos of your favorite garden center. Thank you for the early morning stroll, which is just what I needed with my coffee!