Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More From The Vinage Marketplace Summer 2015

These are a few more photos from the Vintage Marketplace
June 5,6 and 7 of 2015. They are mainly of things my
friend and I were thinking of purchasing. This all white
shabby chic prints called to me. I like them for my all
white shabby master. I don't have any more room on
my walls so I had to walk away.

These vintage chairs were re-upholstered by Rita Reade and were in
her booth for $30 a piece and my friend was interested in them.

This is an oil on wood. I don't know if it is a Christie Repasy work of not.

Vintage dolls getting ready for the summer spirit.

Charming wall art.

I almost bought this t-shirt. Surprising some of the booths had new clothes.


Have a cup of coffee before or after your visit next door at the Rainbow Oaks cafĂ©.
Reasonable prices. Down to earth good food.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Vintage Marketplace Summer 2015

Today I am posting my favorite images that I took at the Vintage Marketplace in
Fallbrook, California this weekend.

There were so many chandeliers that I thought I would only post them
but it turned out that there were so many beautiful things to photograph
that I got lost in the moments and posted those, too.

Inside Christie Repasy's beautiful booth

Beautiful handmade jewelry from Grace Abounding.

So many beautiful flower arrangements.

Chandelier #2.

These are a rare sight in Southern California.


Chandelier #3

Layers of vintage jewelry

Birdhouse from Rita Reade's booth

That's it for today. I didn't buy anything altho I was very tempted.
Maybe next time. I leave you with the shot of this vintage window
pane and more beautiful flowers. Vintage Marketplace is going on
tomorrow and Sunday if you want to visit. Take the 15 to Rainbow
Valley Blvd. Exit and go about 5 minutes down the road and you
will see a turnoff for the Marketplace.