Monday, March 23, 2015

The Contenders

These are the stars in my garden today. I will probably stop showing so many shots of my
roses when springs gets here-spring is here- and the rest of the country has beautiful roses, too.
This color is always so rich it takes my breath away.



Do you see the little green spider on this rose? I am always
trying to capture shots of the critters.

I love how my roses have these subtle and sometimes
not so subtle changes in color. You've probably seen enough
of my roses by now and are looking at your own or looking
forward soon to seeing yours. Good-bye for now from
my rose garden and welcome to spring!
(The sun has been so hot here this week that it has burned
the outer edges of these rose petals.)
Very shabby but chic...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Suz, never stop showing your GORGEOUS gems! I love them! You take some of the most beautiful shots of roses I've ever seen. I want so badly a climbing rose bush, but unfortunately my husband who ALSO loves roses thinks that the variety that is the only one that can survive our winters will get much too bushy and tall, and I do agree. When we watch Downton Abbey and see that glorious climbing rose at the home of Mrs. Crawly, I just wish I could have one!

Enjoy your day dearest Suz. Anita

Robyn said...

The red on that rose is divine, Susan! I'm with Anita, please don't ever stop showing your roses, I really look forward to them. I can't believe it's so hot there and we were plunged back into winter yesterday with -12 temps! Craziness, lol.
Thank goodness I have your roses to keep me hopeful!

Báró Júlia said...

Wonderful roses!