Sunday, January 25, 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day 2015

If anyone who knows me, they know that Valentine's Day is my favorite day.
This year I went out and about and took some shots in Newport Beach, California
to help you with inspiration for the big love day. This first shot is of
a card I bought. 
Give her a box to store her trinkets. 
An itty bitty ornament with crown because it is so cute.

A large ornament for her drawer pull.

It's the thought that counts. 'Here's My Heart'.

 Chocolate is always for Valentine's Day.

Hang these lovely streamers to celebrate.

 Crown her officially Queen of  your heart.
Roger's Gardens
This sweet topiary would make a perfect gift for the gardener. 

Love to you in French.



Jade said...

Love that Valentine Inspiration, dear Suz.......LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all around! And thank you so much for your lovely words - that means so much to me!

With love and hugs, Jade & Sheila (now she´s waiting for her morning walk in the forest ;)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour, Suz!

These are remarkable gifts that I would imagine could only be found in good old Newport Beach...such a posh and great area! I am reminded of the little gifts I was making in my art phase....those were the days...

Hoping you are well and full of energy to enjoy every lovely day my friend. PEACE! Anita

Robyn said...

You always find so many special creations for the holidays, Susan. Everything looks so romantic and fun! It's one of my fav holidays too and I love making it special.
Hope yours is wonderful!