Sunday, December 21, 2014

Palm Desert at Christmas Time 2014

Last week we spent 8 days in Palm Desert on vacation at the Marriott Desert Springs
 resort. This is the view from our villa of the golf course. Our stay was a gift from my
daughter and her husband. I am still recovering from my surgery. I haven't
gotten back my strength and energy.
This is Mr. Cos removing the pin for my shots. The weather was beautiful and when
 a storm came through Southern California that week it barely touched ground where
we were staying but left beautiful snow-covered mountains.
The pool at the Jasmine Court area where our villa was.

The fire pit and behind it the putting green.

I really liked this.

The staff entrance

In downtown Pam Springs I got the shot of this little
vehicle. It's for the officer that gives parking tickets and
look he's parked in the red.

On the way home, these are the wind mills with the recently
snow-covered mountains in the background.

 I loved staying here. They had a
magnificent staff. The resort was beautiful.
Have a Merry Christmas!



Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Sounds like you needed the vacation! What a beautiful place. You got wonderful shots. Your daughter is a sweetie! I hope you are a hundred percent soon. SO nice to get a word from you on the blog. Such a busy time! Have a wonderful Christmas dearie! ANd take care!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling Suz! I don't know what happened to my blog roll...I never got notification that you posted! I was just thinking of you late last night, I kid you not. Then here you are.....

Surgery? I hope all is well? It looks as if you had a nice warm place to recuperate and enjoy some family time. I want to wish you a pleasant and hopeful Christmas and new year that will bring only healing and LOVE to you! Thank you for visiting, and blessings to you! Anita