Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beautiful New Market

Purple orchids-each plant $43.00

I think every city has at least one luxury market . We have a small chain of luxury markets in
Southern California. The chain is called Gelson's. Altho, a little on the high price side you
won't find better produce, flowers or deli anywhere else. It is worth a visit. This Gelson's I
am showcasing today is brand new in the area of Long Beach. It is located on Pacific Coast
Highway and 2nd. Street. I am sharing some photos with you today. I was not disappointed.
I bought some deli (for dinner later)  and coffee and pastries. 

This is a cake, if you were wondering.

Raspberry tarts

Rainbow roses

This is their deli. They also have wine bar, a smoothie bar and a pastry shop with a coffee bar.

Boxed goodies from the pastry shop. See the little Eiffel Towers?

Outside looking in.

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Susan, on my last trip to CA in December, we had such a whirlwind trip that I missed so much. I must check out this POSH place on my next visit! WOW! You always share the most gorgeous things. And that rose in your banner is delish! Anita