Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Dinner Party Ideas

How about a summer sushi dinner party for eight?

Whether you have white wine, Sake or Japanese beer, you've got to have
cute wine charms. 

The little black party favor has fortune cookies in it.

The chalk board napkin holders are from World Market.

Another Sushi dinner party idea.

How about a summer lobster fest dinner party?

With little chocolate gifts from Godiva to take home.

What do you think? Does this stir up your appetite? 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Decorating For The Fourth Of July

How about having a lobster fest on the Fourth?

With the first week of summer upon us I thought I
would share some ideas for decorating for the Fourth 
of July since it is right around the corner. 

American flag pillow at World Market.

Nostalgic table decoration from World Market under 20.00.

Picnic Basket without napkins under 20.00 at World Market.

  Wall decoration from Home Goods $79.00.

If all else fails? From World Market 4.98.

Table top patriotic crackers for $7.98 at World Market.
From Pottery Barn
From Pottery Barn

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beautiful New Market

Purple orchids-each plant $43.00

I think every city has at least one luxury market . We have a small chain of luxury markets in
Southern California. The chain is called Gelson's. Altho, a little on the high price side you
won't find better produce, flowers or deli anywhere else. It is worth a visit. This Gelson's I
am showcasing today is brand new in the area of Long Beach. It is located on Pacific Coast
Highway and 2nd. Street. I am sharing some photos with you today. I was not disappointed.
I bought some deli (for dinner later)  and coffee and pastries. 

This is a cake, if you were wondering.

Raspberry tarts

Rainbow roses

This is their deli. They also have wine bar, a smoothie bar and a pastry shop with a coffee bar.

Boxed goodies from the pastry shop. See the little Eiffel Towers?

Outside looking in.