Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sherman Gardens

I am posting today from the Sherman Library and Gardens in
Corona Del Mar, California. I have been here before but
today I took photos of some different but extraordinary flowers
and plants. Enjoy.

This is a Desert Orchid

So many  beautiful exotic plants. I was moving too fast to get the names of
the flowers and plants. It was 90 degrees there today. I couldn't 
believe the heat, because I was only blocks
from the beach.

This had a sign on it that said simply "Chocolate Scented Orchids". I never
heard of a such a thing. The scent wasn't clear to me because of all the
other interrupting scents of the plants nearby.

This was so pretty to me. I thought it looked like a painting.

This is the "Diana Princess of Wales" rose.

"Plum Crazy" rose.

"Disneyland" rose

Another "Desert Orchid"

These seemed so sweet and perfect. I had to take this shot.

In the atrium. It was 20 degrees hotter and very steamy in the atrium.

Looking from the cafe to the atrium.

I try to catch a shot of bees when I can.

Do you see the turtles basking in the background?

The Sherman Library and Gardens is on Pacific
Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar south of 
Newport Beach. There is free parking and an
entry fee of $3.00 for each adult.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW.Susan, you take me places I know, places I forgot, but instantly remember with your GORGEOUS photos. I can almost feel the heat on my skin as you describe where you are, and show the familiar streets of my childhood. CHOCOLATE SCENTED ORCHIDS? HELLO! How wonderful that would be to have in a hot house, here! I have had chocolate scented MINT and that is fun for making a tea.

You have to take the most stunning photos of roses that I've seen. Thank you for this lovely stroll because we are still waiting for our warm weather, due to arrive this coming week! And thank you so much for your visit; your words are so validating because in this world where some people prefer to look at photos, it's nice to know my words do leave a trail. Happy day! Anita

Robyn said...

I'm with Anita - WOW! I, too, am waiting for the warm weather and these photos are a welcome reminder that there truly is a summer, lol. These shots are simply stunning, Susan, and the vibrant colours light up the screen. What a gorgeous park! Thanks so much for sharing.

The Style Crone said...

Beautiful photos! I can't begin to have a favorite. Your posts are always inspiring.

Desire Empire said...

Chocolate scented orchids. I wonder what they taste like. I have had chocolate scented mint before and that's exactly what it tasted like.