Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shabby Chic White

Every summer I get turned on by all white shabby chic and find myself doing
little things to make my home more shabby chic white.  This week with the arrival
of my new candle from H and M home, I took on my master bath.

I had to borrow these fragile white roses from my neighbor.

These roses are beautifully shabby chic but fall apart easily.

Here it is full bloom in my bath.

This is the result of my small project this week. I got help from Jade of
White and Shabby finding the Peace candle. (All the way from Bavaria) She
sent me a comment, when I asked about the candle, saying where she purchased hers.

This all white shabby chic project in my master has got a long way to go. I'll share
if I make anymore progress.

This is a previous summer project in a guest bedroom. Balloon shades
are from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line at Target.

Another all white summer project was this itty bitty chandelier hung in my
laundry room.


beachcomber said...

absolutely beautiful roses and your photos are stunning!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

I love the white roses and the little chandelier is so sweet!.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My goodness are your roses outstanding, Susan! That single rose on you header is my favorite of all. I could handle having nothing but white roses in my garden!

I am on a shabby white transformation of my bedroom. I cleared out things yesterday from my bedroom that were not adding to the feel I want, and I got some thin and whispy long tulle curtains from IKEA and what a difference! OH I LOVE THE FEEL! More peaceful, and that is the look we want, isn't it!

Have fun my friend - it's looking good and now you've made me think about going to Target today to get some new sheets and shabby chic pillow cases! Anita

Robyn said...

Good morning, Susan,
I love the whites - they are so light and soothing. Isn't it funny how one little item we come across can cause us to change everything? One time I changed my whole kitchen to match some beautiful white French linens, lol.
Everything is so lovely - great job!

Jade said...

Oh Susan, you got the lovely! And I love your wonderful roses! Have a wonderful week,

with love and hugs, Jade

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Well, I think little touches go a long way! Those delicate roses are wonderful! They make a beutiful portrait. (Love YOUR new portrait too!)

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Susan,
From the peak into your space it looks like a place to share as soon as it's completed. Love the chandelier and I so know how much you adore these pretty chandeliers.
Your roses are always so beautiful and a scent that lingers over here.
I am so excited to see your room when it is completed so crack that whip and get going on it :)

Thank you dear for taking the time to share your beauty with all of us :)
And best about sharing is your visits to me, I am always joyed when I see a comment from you my Southern California beach friend.


Susu Paris Chic said...

Such a soothing pure white... Summer is here. Yay!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness your roses are just so gorgeous! I love all of the whites and I think your room is looking beautiful I look forward to seeing the finished product!

Jade said...

Thank you dear Susan.........have a wonderful summer time and enjoy the smell of the roses!

With love, Jade

Tante Mali said...

Hi Dear,
just found you and can smell your wonderful roses!!! They are a pleasure to look at! Lovely blog you have!!!
A wonderful time and all the best from Austria