Sunday, May 11, 2014

Parisian Themed Mother's Day Celebration

from Pinterest
Mother's Day was Parisian themed this year.
Napkin ring
My daughter hosted it for Mother's and daughters without Mother's.

Eiffel tower from Home Goods (without bling-my daughter added the 
sparkle). Candle holders from Hobby Lobby.

Crown votives from Michael's

Eiffel tower (from Rite-Aid) reflected in mirror on buffet.

Chocolate covered strawberries

The best deviled eggs I have ever had. Secret ingredient-horse radish.

I hope you had a happy Mother's Day.

One of the sweet multi-colored, mini cross braclets that were 
were given as gifts to the lovely ladies that attended the brunch.
They are from Beachhcomber's etsy shop.


Desire Empire said...

I love that theme as I am sure you can imagine. How nice that daughters without mothers were part of it. I am sure it is a tough day for some.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Susan! Now this is a great idea to host a party for mothers and for women who have no mothers. My day is so awkward without a mom. And what a great theme; Paris is always a good idea, always! Happy day, Anita

Robyn said...

Oh my gosh, Susan, everything is so lovely! What a beautiful tablesetting. My Mom passed when I was very young so it's a hard day. I am thinking now that I might do something similar because I have lots of friends who have lost their Moms.
Such a beautiful gesture and I'm sure your guests truly appreciated it!

Burlap Luxe said...

OH Susan, the heart your daughter has.
And a perfect way to celebrate loved ones.
I could have joined in an felt so welcomed, your daughter did not disappoint all who attended. The theme was a favorite I am sure of that.

You my dear have a daughter to love!!

Xoxo thank you for always adding joy to my comment list, I so enjoy seeing your comments.

happy Mother's Day all month long.


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Wow, that is so gorgeous. She has vision. Perfect idea for women who have no mothers. She covered all of the details and it shows. I am sure these wonderful ladies adorned feeling pampered.

Jade said...

Oh Paris - loooooooove it, dear goes with my post today ;)!!!! Thank you so much for your lovely asked about the PEACE candle: I found it at H&M home (maybe you can find it online). The pillow is from small store here in Bavaria. Have a wonderful weekend,

hugs Jade

Design Chic said...

What a beautiful celebration and such a special way to spend Mother's Day…love the theme!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Your daughter is so talented! Love the French theme and the pink! The food looks delicious. What a special occasion for Mother's Day!