Saturday, April 19, 2014

Disneyland Spring Fashion

I visited Disneyland this week. I am featuring some spring fashion from there this week.

Vera Bradley at Disneyland. They can't keep these in stock.

Colorful shift. Do you see the little Mickeys in the center
of the flowers?

Shirt for grandpa

Animal print totes

Flip flops to match


Dooney & Burke at Disney


If you forgot where you were......

Disney food truck

Some of the beautiful flowers at Disneyland.

An Easter gift bought on Etsy. Happy Easter to you and
your families. I hope your spring is as beautiful as it
is here. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

More Spring Inspiration

I've missed my roses so much, They haven't bloomed for months. They are in full
bloom this month. I lost my 'Secret' rose. I will be replacing it but not for awhile.
This rose bloom has a bee nestled inside of it and I tried to get a shot of it
but it was too fast for me.

This is my 'Sentimental' rose and it is a beauty. It doesn't bloom as much as my other rose plants.

It gets delicious red shades in the blooms.

My pink rose and the name of it is a mystery to me.

'Sentimental' looking shabby chic.

If you get to a Sur La Table store or their on-line site you might see these Paris inspired
ceramic pieces. This can get you to thinking about a Spring or Summer trip to Paris.

Paper plates with Paris in mind.

This is an eight inch tall Eiffel Tower that is a tea light holder

Friday, April 4, 2014

Color In My Spring Garden

My coral rose this week. This rose looks surreal when photographed.
These are photos I took in my garden this week. Enjoy.
Can you see the raindrops? 

My coral rose in bud

One of my new purple sage plants



My pink rose

Can you see the raindrops on this 'Leonidas' bloom?

My photogenic coral rose

Here they are in the rain this week......

I couldn't resist I tweaked it.

Last look. Happy Spring!