Friday, January 3, 2014

Santa Monica/Malibu 2014

This photo of the Pacific was taken from inside Duke's Restaurant in Malibu, California.
These were all taken this week. It is winter here in Southern California and you
would never know it from these photos.

Inside Duke's Restaurant in Malibu, California.

Inside the Shabby Chic Boutique in Santa Monica, California

I keep trying to get a good shot of the beach from Adelaide Drive in Santa Monica
but it is so overgrown it is hard to do.

I love this little Santa Monica House.

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Susan!

Well my dear, I was JUST THERE for Christmas. We had a BLAST. The second day of our visit with family in Garden Grove and Whittier, I made my husband drive me down Sunset Blvd, through Brentwood, then back around to PCH. We went to the Pier then down the streets that run parallel to the shore. How fun it was to walk into some posh shops, but I didn't make it to the Shabby Chic store this time. It was 85 degrees out in Garden Grove on Christmas day and we had such a memorable time with my cousins. Guess what the weather is here? WAY BELOW ZERO, and on Monday, we were supposed to go back to school to work, but the governor declared in a press conference yesterday that all schools will be closed. Our forecast says it will be -50, much too dangerous for the children.


Burlap Luxe said...

Oh my dear, what a lovely quaint cottage in S.M
I love this beach drive and visit the area often, love shopping Montana Ave, room with a view, shabby Chic, subtle tones, this and that. What inspiration holds, best is a jwantover to Venice to The Shop Bountiful! What a dreamy place to rest your heart on.

Thank you for your beautiful 2014 visit to me, and the beautiful seaside visit to you.


Anonymous said...

Completely jealous, I really hope that I get back over this year.

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA said...

Glad SOMEBODY's weather is warm and balmy. Your header photo is a showstopper!

FashionJazz said...

Hi Hun

Thank you for your lovely comment, dont worry I have been bad as well with updating and commenting but I have finally found a solution :) For a year I was running my website and my blog, too much work for one person so I have decided to post all my outfit of the day looks on my website and leave my blog to rest much easier and I can update more :) So just go to outfit of the day on my site and you will see all the posts.
I have not had a proper holiday in ages so I am super jealous of your post hehe

Have a lovely Monday

ps- I will be popping by very often :)

New post-

Seawashed said...

The view of the ocean is breathtaking. I never tire of seeing the sea. I wanted to let you know that the botanical roses are actually on the glass of the window on my sideboard. It is a piece I bought and then let sit out in the garden for a year to be weathered and I love how the roses faded. I wish I could print them to sell in my shop!

designchic said...

What beautiful images - so wishing you'd send some of that warm weather to us!! Happy 2014!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh what beautiful sea views and sunshine! What a beautiful place to live. (My New Year cards are Caspari from a convenient shop right round the corner. I'll have to do a post about it sometime. Hope you're enjoying the new year. I love it when you stop by!

Robyn said...

I want to go cruising with you, Susan! You always find the most interesting places to visit and the most exquisite chandeliers! Wow - thanks for the great eye candy today.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh you make me want us to be back out in California!! These are awesome pictures!