Friday, December 27, 2013

Bliss Revisited

Over the holidays Mr. COS and I returned to Bliss Home and Design in Corona del Mar,
California and I took these beautiful photos to share with you. This is one of the
prettiest design shops I have been in.

Every room is beautifully decorated in this shop.

One of the many chandeliers in this shop.

Beautiful tablescape for New Year's.

Even tho it is after Christmas I had to show you their Christmas tree.

The shop from the street at 3321 East Pacific Coast Highway Corona del Mar,


beachcomber said...

it looks like a beautiful shop! love the aqua and white cushions. hope you are having a lovely holiday season. (:

Anonymous said...

What a stunning shopfront, are the orchids faux or real - they are incredible looking!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Susan,

I just got back late Friday night from SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA! We had the best 85 degree Christmas with my family in Garden Grove. But before any festivities began, I had my husband drive me to Santa Monica Pier so I could reconnect with my past; then we went to all the posh shops and I swooned. I did not make it to the Shabby Chic shoppe on Montana St., but I did discover BABY and CHILD off of Colorado. OMG.

I hope you had a great Christmas; this one is a most special one I spent with family and I hope to do more of that in the future. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anita

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

What an amazing looking shop! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that this New Year brings you an abundance of Gods blessings!!

Suz said...

Faux orchids.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Susan dear! Thank you for coming to visit me, and yes, I had the time of my life seeing family and revisiting THE BEACH! You must Google Baby and Child (a part of Renovation Hardware) and you will love the chandeliers!!!

I adore your rose on your header! Anita

Robyn said...

Hi Susan,
I hope you had a beautiful Christmas. I took a couple weeks off and am just now getting back into the swing of things.
You always have such a buffet of fascinating images for the eyes. And that clock! Love it!
Thank you so much for your kind comments. They made my day.
Happy New Year!

Sam | Away She Went said...

What an amazing shop! I want everything in those pictures!