Thursday, June 27, 2013

Antiques Roadshow-Anaheim, California

These are my tickets that I won in a drawing (of 3000) out of
over 24,000 entries to get in free with two items to be
appraised. I took my friend Judi and we had a ball.

Inside Anaheim Convention Center.
Photos were not allowed while inside with
the appraisers.

These are the tickets that I was given for each item I had 
 appraised. These allowed me to stand in line for
an appraiser.

I took this vintage silk velvet clutch from the 1930's. My appraiser
put an estimate worth of $100 on it. 

This is the inside of the clutch showing the label.
My appraiser was not familiar with the label.
I think the dollar amount was a guess. 

I took this Hopi drawing on a shaker box of a parrot wing (This information 
from the appraiser). I was, also,  told by my appraiser
that this was something the Hopi's were given to paint on, to sell to the tourists and
then when I was leaving she said, "Or a boy scout could have done it." (I supposed
she meant he would have done it to earn his Indian badge.) She said it had little
or no value. Nothing we took to the Roadshow was filmed. I was given the clutch
and the box when my aunt passed away. I always wondered what the story of the
box was. I guess, I will still be wondering.

This is the t-shirt I won in a raffle as I was leaving the Roadshow.
The Anaheim episode won't air on PBS until the new season starts in January
of 2014.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Dressing

These are photos of things I own, things that I have 
on my wish list and things that I like.
This top I like because of the colors. It's so fresh. It's by Johnny Was.
Photo courtesy of NM.

My grand-daughter in a top from Tilly's.

Here she is again in a Tilly top, Pacsun jeans
and shoes from Tilly. Cool shoes.

A closeup of her shoes.

This sweet bracelet is a favorite of mine. I've ordered
it twice from Beachcomber's etsy shop. I'm giving all
faith based gifts this year. I started with Mother's Day
and I will continue through Christmas.

Photo by Jennifer
This is me strolling in a California Adventure shop at Disneyland wearing
a Disneyland hat.

Had to add this final shot of my grand-daughter.
She is wearing a top from Marshall's and the
boots are from a (she forgot) boutique in the 
Cerritos mall.

Bag is from Tilly's. Can you see the black and white
roses all over it?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Stars In My Garden

I spent this past week in my rose garden.
Most of my roses get an ombre effect when left in the sun.

My pink rose goes through many changes in the sun. 

My pink rose (over a few days in the sun)  looking very shabby chic.

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