Friday, April 26, 2013

Shabby Chic Treasure

In the mail this month came this beautiful shabby chic
dreamcatcher made by Laurie at Heaven's Walk. I
put it in a shabby chic guest bedroom.

Shabby chic pillow from the line at Target.

My roses.

Just a note here to say that I like to order when I can from
blogger's shops or etsy shops. I am currently ordering
my mother's day gifts from Beachcomber's etsy shop.

I was visiting at Tina's and got inspired about
orchids. I added these to my master bath.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Looks

Taryn Rose Sandals.
I like these looks for spring. 

 This is from Joan Vaas. I especially like
 the cardigan/shrug.

 This is from Johnny Was. It is silk.

This looks great for going into summer. By Tolani.
This is also in silk.

These are by Ippolita. I like this line of jewelry.
I don't get reimbursed for the products
I post. Everything I post is what I really like
or own.

Here is the photo of my hair that my hairdresser (Janine)  took after she
did a magnificent job on my color. Awhile back I told you I would
post my new hair and this is it. 

Do you see how she mixed the blonde in with my grey. 
My hair, now, looks younger than me.

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Disneyland Spring Break

Disneyland is literally a few minutes from my home.
I visited this past week. I took these photos  in the morning
and it was overcast as you will see. I got there early enough
to see the Main Street vehicles. They only run in the morning
 and early afternoon. This photo was taken on Main Street.

How could I resist taking a few photos of the beautiful chandeliers that are in the
shops along Main Street?

This chandelier is pink and white and I thought very girly, girly shabby chic.
It is in the candy store. Disneyland has made some changes on Main Street since 
I was last there. One of them is the location of the candy store.

This beautiful Dooney and Bourke Handbag is in a gift shop on
Main Street. Do you see the little Mickeys on it?
You can buy this at

This is a photo of the Matterhorn ride taken from the Corner Cafe that 
now has the bakery in it. You can see here how overcast it was.

Is it my imagination or do these little flowers look like little Mickey heads?
These pots are hanging all down Main Street.

When I have visited Disneyland I have rarely seen the Main Street vehicles and 
I couldn't resist this photo.

This flower bed looks heart-shaped to me and very shabby chic with it's 
pink and white flowers.

These are the feet of my companions (my grandchildren) as we stood in line 
for a bite to eat.

This is part of the Disneyland charm. This photo is dedicated to all
my family and friends that I have accompanied to Disneyland .

Mickey Mouse topiary that stands in front of the pool area of
the Disneyland Hotel. 

Cute hooded bathing suit cover-up for the pool. 

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Friday, April 5, 2013

My First Rose Of Spring

This is the first rose (Leonidas) to bloom in my garden this year.

I don't touch up the photos of my roses. I want you to see them as I see them.

Look at the exquisite colors of this rose.

These came later in a few days:


Happy Spring!

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