Friday, March 29, 2013

Chandeliers At The Gardens

I wanted to share with you these beautiful chandeliers for sale at
Roger's Gardens in Corona Del Mar. I saw these while shopping
for plants in my garden.
While I was admiring this chandelier, the sales associate told me this
was their lowest priced chandelier at $595.00. And it could be
arranged for someone to install it in my home.

This chandelier has shell garlands hanging from it.
The shells were added and draped over the existing chandelier.
Good idea!?

Beautiful pendant lamps

Candles holders and candles for sale as well as chandeliers.
This is an upscale nursery but so worth the visit if you are
in the area. I'm not reimbursed to say this. I love this place
and the plants I buy from there thrive and do not die.

At this time, I'm using this chandelier photo that I took at the Gardens as
my header.
Happy Easter to you!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter At The Gardens

We visited Roger's Gardens in Corona Del Mar, California (nestled next to Newport Beach)
over the weekend. We purchased some plants for our home and I found these lovely
things celebrating Easter and spring.

Sweet baskets of all sizes from the Easter bunny.

Spring wreaths real and faux.

Beautiful beachy items for the home.

Birdcages to almost rival Rita's at the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, California.

All kinds of pretty planters filled with flowers. I liked this one. Altho, it is pricey at $69.95
just for the planter. I bought just the plants for $3.49 for a six pack to 4.99 for one.

Easter goodies for sale.

A surprise inside the gift shop.

Do you like blue and white? I liked this.
Roger's Gardens is a large nursery with a
fantastic selection with a beautiful gift shop.
Happy Easter! Have a lovely Spring!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Annual Love Fest March 2013

Our Annual Love Fest was on March 2 this year('cause of everyone's schedules).
It's a get-togerther to celebrate Valentine's Day.
It was held at my best friend's home and the theme for the party
was 'The Key To My Heart'.

Our welcome to the party.

All red table with a beautiful candle centerpiece. I've shown these
 with the crowns inside on my Christmas post (without the candles).
Handmade napkin rings and wine charms.
The hostess of the party made the napkin rings,
wine charms and place cards. 
Handmade place cards that we got to keep.

Every napkin ring was different.

Every wine charm was different.

A box like this filled with party favors reflecting the theme was
our gift.

Mini cupcakes for dessert. Our menu consisted of  melt in you mouth steaks
barbecued on the grill, garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and
onions, salad with toasted walnuts, feta cheese and dried cranberries. Before
dinner we had two hot dips (one was spinach) with heart shaped crackers.
And a pink sparkly champagne. Merlot and pinot noir were the wines with
Some of the party favors that were in the gift box that we
got to take home. The one that says "Key To My Heart"
is a rubber stamp and the fancy key with tassel is a can opener.

The necklace I wore representing the theme that I got 
at the Vintage Marketplace. See the little key and heart?
You can see the shoes I wore here.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

More Vintage Marketplace March 2013

Lots of vintage silver.
I really like photographing this event in Rainbow (next to Fallbrook), California.
It has beautiful surprises, interesting new ideas, and very friendly vendors.

Good looking vintage table.

I like this style of chair.

Birdcages galore.

Inside Rita's booth.

More silver and lots of frames-vintage or not.

Here's an idea: hang squares from vintage quilts in vintage frames.

Showing another chandelier.

I really liked this hand painted vintage mirror by Christie Repasy.

A shopper shared this wreath purchase with me. I thought the entangled twigs were

I bought this necklace and earrings at the Vintage Marketplace.

This is a close-up of the earrings. See the little crowns on the
ends. I got these from My Journey's Joy booth. She has
an Etsy shop.

This is a chandelier from inside the Oaks Restaurant where we had coffee. It
shares the same parking lot as the Marketplace. There is a small country store
in the same parking lot with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vintage Marketplace March 2013

This time the Vintage Marketplace had a garden theme.

They had some interesting and unique vintage things for sale. 

Beautiful birdhouses from Rita of Mammabellarte.


Vintage fabrics, quilts, clothes and this adorable little girl's dress.

Lots of furniture.

 I wanted this and lost it from thinking too long about it.
A vintage hand-painted cupboard with roses at Christie Repasy's Chateau de Fleurs.

 Lots of chandeliers. 

I've never seen this done before in a chandelier. What would you do with it?

This is it hung up in the booth.

Do you see the chandelier that's painted on the mirrored glass?

This was a topper on one of the booths. Lots of crowns.

Chateau de Fleurs booth. See the beautiful hand-painted mirror on the left.
Click here for a closer look. 

A beautiful day.Warm. Plenty of sun shining.This is in front of Rita's booth. That's her in the
right corner of the photo. Rita and Christie put on this Vintage Marketplace 4 times a year.
A look into one of my favorite booths.

Hand made signs that plug in and light up.
Peace, Out!

You can still visit. It's open today till 4
and tomorrow.