Monday, February 25, 2013

Let It Be

We've been a little under the weather here in COS land. I thought
I'd  post this vintage poster I got from One Kings Lane. 
 I got this for Mr. COS as he is a big Beatle fan.
We were sneezing and coughing while watching the Oscars
Sunday night and rooting for Adele's song "Skyfall" from
the Bond movie of the same name. She won. Mr. COS stood
up and walked over to right in front of the TV and watched 
as she performed the song. He is a big fan of the
  Beatles, Bond movies and Adele. In that order. He went
  to the bathroom while Barbra Streisand performed, "The Way We Were".
He watched every other minute of the show this year. Unusual for him.
He is usually asleep by the first break. It helped that we had seen
Skyfall, The Life Of Pi, and Argo. Movies to root for.
Before coming down with a massive sore throat I got a
major change in my hair. After my daughter said my hair
 looked brassy, I mentioned this to my hairdresser and she
went all hip and young on me and if you saw me, now, from a distance
(with my sunglasses on), you would think I was in my (out of shape) twenties.
It's all due to my hairdresser, the products I use and Shaklee Instant Protein.
The products I use are expensive (so is the Shaklee) and are not free. 
Come to mention it, I don't get anything for free. I take that back.
 I saw "Argo" for free because my grandson is a SAG
 (Screen Actor's Guild) member. He is sent movies to vote
  on for 'best movie of the year' and he invited us to watch 
"Argo" with him. I guess I'll have to post a pic of my hair
or you'll think I'm full of myself (I might be that, too.). I'll
have to do it soon before it grows out. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blue and White

Most everyone likes blue and white, including me. I am posting, here,
my favorite all time blue and white painting. This looks 
very blue and white shabby chic. What do you think?
This is by artist, Raoul Dufy. He was my mother's
favorite artist.A print of his famous Paris painting hangs 
in the background of Helen Hunt's apartment 
in the movie, "As Good As It Gets".

This is the Dufy print that is hanging in the background in a couple
of shots in the movie "As Good As It Gets".

Raoul Dufy did this, too.

This is my contribution to blue and white. This is a photograph that I took and digitally
 enhanced. I know it is a lot of gall posting this on the same page as Raoul Dufy. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I'd thought I'd seen everything with hearts. This delightful pump is at NM $1450.
I wish you love.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spring Hue

Tying together spring and Pantone's color of the year: emerald green.
Jimmy Choo at Nordstrom $1495.00

Marc Jacobs at Nordstrom $298.00

Tory Burch at Nordstrom $345.00

Wow-perfect for this year! Oscar de la Renta for Neiman Marcus $5790.00

On a budget:

ASOS strapless sequin dress $48.37
Did you see something you like?
You can always celebrate St Patrick's Day
by wearing the color of the year! I love how
that works out.

I'll be linking with Fiona's Green Day.