Saturday, May 26, 2012

Driving Down PCH In HuntingtonBeach, California

While my daughter  drove to pick up my grandson from school I took these photos
 of the coastline. I haven't posted something like this in awhile.
                                             I thought you might like it.

                                 It isn't officially summer, yet or for that matter warm enough
                                 for the beach crowds. The waves are in focus and the flowers
                                 aren't because I took all of these photos while my daughter
                                 was driving.

                                       The drive we took was from Long Beach, California down
                                        Pacific Coast Highway to Huntington Beach, Californa.

                                  See the Huntington Beach pier in the distance in this photo?
                                  We had to turn off  shortly after this photo was taken so
                                   I didn't get a closer photo of the pier.

                                 This photo is an example of why people want to outlaw off-shore
                                  oil drilling. This would have been a beautiful photo if the oil rig
                                  hadn't been smack dab in the middle of the picture.
                                   These are homes on the sand in a private gated community
                                   in Sunset Beach. I think Sandra Bullock and her Ex
                                   had a home here.

                              This unique home is on the street off the sand near Sunset Beach
                              and can be rented for the summer. I think it used to be a water

                             I don't know if this is a home or business but you can see it
                             from the highway and whoever owns it made it look charming
                             with the painted windows.

                          After we picked up my grandson and his friend, I mentioned I
                          might put these photos on my blog, and someone in the car
                          mentioned did I take any flower photos, so my daughter stopped 
                          for me and I took these on Golden West Highway on the way
                          home. Thanks to Jenny, Daniel and Asher for a great ride.

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Raindrops and Daisies said...

You have posted some beautiful photos today.

The house that looks like a water tower is amazing
imagine spending summer holidays there.
Bet it costs a lot though!

The beach is completely different to here
we don't have those magnificent palm trees
and seldom see skies as blue as those you have photographed.

The flowers are gorgeous too

What a pleasant journey

Hae a great weekend

x Fiona

The Style Crone said...

The beach photos are beautiful. I was in Long Beach years ago for a nursing conference, and have fond memories of the gorgeous scenery.

beachcomber said...

it looks like a lovely area! thanks for the tour.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Susan, I have not been to HB in YEARS! I lived in Pico Rivera/ Whittier as a teenager and my pals and I would jump on the bus and cruise to HB down Lakewood Blvd every summer! AND I REMEMBER that oil drill smack dab in the middle of a beautiful sea scape!

I WILL CHANGE the name of your blog name on my list! THANK YOU for visiting! Anita

Anonymous said...

Oh I used to go here as a teenager, I love surf culture and this is my idea of paradise.

Ann said...

Those are lovely photos.

Love the flowers and the sea.
What a lovely place.

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
I love looking at all your beautiful photos. I have never been to California may be some day..Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape for the Memorial day. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
XXOO Diane

Desire Empire said...

A beautiful drive indeed. Hope the weather behaves so the beach temps will arrive soon. It's cold and snowing in the mountains here in Australia.

The Tablescaper said...

What a ride! Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Aledia said...

Thank You so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment! I think your pictures are just beautiful!! The house that looks like a water tower is rather amazing, not sure if I would like that or not.

I hope you have a wonderful night!
Aledia @ Plum Perfect

designchic said...

What wonderful images - so makes me want to get to the beach!!

Erin said...

Gorgeous photos! It looks like quite the beautiful drive!


Erin @

Virginia said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog today! I hope you will come back. Your photos today remind me of my trip last OCt. to Los Angeles to stay with a blog reader and I got to play with some of my blogger buddies while there. I hope to get back there soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those pics... California.. I've never been, but it sounds like a dream!!

Wherever the Sunset is

Camille said...

the city looks adorable! things here in brazil are getting chilly!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh seeing these gorgeous photos makes me want us to be back in California!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oooo this post is so heartwarming! Good on HB.

SEE YOU IN PARIS starting next Friday!!! YIPPPEEEEE, or YOUPI, as the French say! Anita

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Ahh Beach pictures! Summer is official to me! That tower house is amazing! What a cool space to rent for summer.