Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chandeliers At Disneyland

I went to Disneyland over the weekend and I looked up and I saw these beautiful chandeliers.

Close up of my favorite chandelier

Disney has it's own sense of fashion. All the chandeliers pictured
were found in a large grouping of shops on Main Street. The chandeliers
are much more beautiful in person.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In The Garden With Succulents And Cacti

Catus flower
My friend Penny took me to visit her neighbor's magnificent potted garden.

These look like crabs legs to me.

This looks a little shabby chic to me.

We met this beautiful dog named Coffee.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Addition To Dining Room

 I recently found this little antique asian chest for our dining room. I think it's adorable
and it adds another place for storage.

Close up of one of the napkins I got at the Vintage Marketplace
in Rainbow, California. Another Marketplace is scheduled for the
 9th and 10th of September of this year.

Everyone is telling me it's off scale, but I love it and I'm
keeping it. Hanging above it, is the vintage original
watercolor in it's original faux bamboo frame. I  
bought it at a consignment store for $42.00.

Close up of vintage watercolor.
Sorry about the reflection in the glass.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

In The Rose Garden At The Huntington Library

Can you see the hairs on the legs of the little green spider?
Sorry, I didn't get the name of this rose. I had mon amour with me
 with a little note pad and pen. I hope we got the rest right. The garden has
1800 different rose plants in it. This is just a fraction. I was in seventh heaven.
I almost spent the whole time in the rose garden. The library grounds covers
 over 200 acres.Huntington Library and Gardens is located in San Marino,
California next door to Pasadena, California. The admission fee is $15.00
during the week. Closed on Tuesdays.

Prima Ballerina Lite Pink


Brilliant Pink Iceberg

French Lace



Red Queen

Livin Easy

Day Breaker

Bronze Star

Tamora (The bees were very busy the day we were there)

A shot of a small section of the rose garden. This is the most amazing place.
 This was my first time. I can't believe I've lived here all my life
and missed this. What is new since 2008 is the overhead spot lighting in the
Euopean gallery so when you take a photo in that building without a flash there
is a better chance of it turning out. This is an hour's drive from where we live.
 We arrived at 11:00am. We were two hours in the rose garden.
  and two hours in the gallery. We took a free tram tour of the grounds.
The grounds always close at 4:30pm. We had lunch in the cafe, one of three places to
eat at the Huntington. No picnics allowed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Huntington Library-A Favorite Place To Be In San Marino, California

 The Huntington Library and Gardens is located in San Marino,
California which is neighboring Pasadena, California. Over 207 acres of
gardens and art galleries. Closed Tuesdays. Open 10:30-4:30 summer months.
All the following photos were taken in the Huntington Gallery which is the
building that houses the European art. It is located on the walk way to the
rose garden. I will be posting the rose garden next post. Mon amour and I
went here yesterday and I couldn't wait to share this with you.

I can't resist a beautiful chandelier. This one was made in 1832 in England.

Amazing stained glass window. This is easy to miss. I almost did.

"View on the Stour near Dedham"
Everything inside is taken without a flash. I really got lucky with my cheap little camera.

"The Blue Boy"


Amazing ceramics

Bust of George Washington just recently found in the basement.

Something a little shabby chic. "Cherub In The Roses"

     Walking the grounds of the Huntington Library

Lots of statues everywhere

Magnificent displays of colorful flowers

Pomegranate tree

Temple of Love
The grounds are huge. This is just a very small sampling of walking around the
Huntington. They have a dozen different gardens which includes the rose garden.
They have a Chinese garden, Japanese garden, Austrailian garden, desert garden,
Lily ponds, and Children's garden among them. The Japanese garden is under
construction and will re-open in April of 2012.

Front entrance taken from the parking lot. Parking is free.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Antique Trunks And More

Trunk $140.00

Silk jacket $35.00  Faux fur hat $12.95

Japanese print $150.00

Trunk $75.00

Rattan chair set with 2 chairs and tables  $1200.00

Label inside of trunk

Original oil $80.00

Gum's Antique Mall Hawaiian Gardens, California