Saturday, August 6, 2011

In The Garden With My Apple Tree

I love the apple blossoms. All the apple blossoms are gone and in there place are lots of apples.

Beautiful apples but have no idea what kind. The apple tree was here when we moved in.

This is a photo of my Sentimental rose bud. This rose blooms so fast it's hard to catch 
 it as a bud. I've got a glimpse here and some following photos of this unique rose.

This is my pink rose bud that has the ruffles.

This is a look at my coral rose. It's the same rose as in my header looking quite
 different but still beautiful. 

I can see all of these roses from my kitchen window and I can't bear to cut them and
bring them into the house. They are so lovely to look at in the garden. I planted them
there on purpose so I would have something beautiful to look at every morning. In
our weather they bloom almost all year round. These are in the top five greatest joys
 of my life. Behind God, mon amour, my family and my friends.

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joco said...

Drowning in roses --- what luxury.
Like you, I never get enough of them

beachcomber said...

you must be a very good gardener with all those beautiful roses. love the apple blossoms too!

Ann said...

What a wonderful sight out your kitchen window!! Just heavenly, I probably couldn't cut them either.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

All year round! Fantastic! I hate cutting our roses too. We don't have many and I want them to last as long as possible. Your sentimental rose reminds me of our "George Burns" which didn't make it through a hard freeze last winter. I need to order a new one. Happy PS!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear SIZZLE! I could NEVER get such beautiful photos. I have tried, but all I get is fuzz!!!! Thank you for your visit and my oh my, your garden is delightful!!! Anita

The Artful Diva said...

The roses are gorgeous. Still, I'm thinking about you baking an apple pie. Let me know if you make one! Happy PS!

The enchanted home said...

Wow those roses are incredible looking......the pictures make me feel like I can reach in and touch and smell them and love the fact that you have an apple tree!!

Camille said...

the white flowers are so pretty! love the pink roses too!

KimMalk said...

How gorgeous, it's almost as if I could touch them, Ms. Sizzle. I didn't even think about it being apple blossom time--I miss those wonderful orchards.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

They all look so beautiful! Must be so nice to see them around your home! xoxoxxoo

Anonymous said...

Wow! It would be amazing to have those beautiful flowers at home. We love those pics!!

Ann said...

Wow! Those are really gorgeous

flower photos!

Ani said...

Your flowers are so beautiful that I can almost smell them from here. Great Pink Saturday post!

FashionJazz said...

Love the last picture so much! Happy Sunday xx

WendyB said...

Stunning photos.

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

Wow, such lovely flowers :) Please join us next Friday on *Weekendflowers*... if you like :) LG Tina

Desire Empire said...

Lovely that you get such joy from something that you arranged outside your kitchen window.
And those apples look fantastic. They wouldn't last long at the Beach House as my kiddos adore them.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Beautiful pictures. I can't stop myself from cutting my roses and bring the sweet smells inside:) I would plant 10 more bushes if I had the space. Your posts always make me want more.


michelle said...

They are beautiful! I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing my garden, although I don't have beautiful roses like yours, it still just brings me a bit of joy as I do dishes. :)
Have a wondeful week!

Luciane at said...

I'M LIKE YOU! I don't cut my flowers where I can see them. I like to admire them on the garden.

The coral rose is just amazing!!!


Luciane at

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh my girl! you make apple blossoms the flower of desire. I would love to do an arrangment with roses and branches of new apples and there blossoms in a french galvanized floral can.

Thank you for sharing such beauty!!
The photos are amazing!
Thank you for your beautiful visit to my place! I hope I inspired your own opera theatre' !!


culturafemenina said...

Will be good to know how the secrets of this wonderful garden and the gardener... I try but my roses always end up with some sort of fungus, disease ...i don't know... Your are beautiful. Have a nice week.

designchic said...

Your roses are gorgeous...mine are struggling so with the HOT NC temperatures!! Hope you're having a great day ~

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh the apple blossoms are so pretty and the roses are absolutely gorgeous!!

Kathy said...

Lovely apple blossoms and the apples look terrific! Yum! What a treat to have your own - I have a crab apple tree - they're cute! So wish my roses were blooming now - a second flush of blooms will come soon! Your roses are fantastic!

Kay Ellen said...

Your bloom photos are beautiful!!
Happy belated PS~~sorry I am little late but so glad I stopped by!

Kay Ellen