Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Visit To L.A.

I was in Burbank, California this week. In the heart of LA county,  the city is home to
 Disney studios, Universal studios and Warner Bros. studios. Today I am sharing 
a little of everything that I found from thrift to icon and even a chandelier.
First a visit to a thrift shop.
This china on special this day only the whole set of 8 for $70.00.

The beautiful green glassware came in sets of six and ranged $36-$42 for a set.

Two used bridesmaid dresses $5.00 each-needs cleaning.

Dress and topper $17.00-loved this but it's a size 6.

Beach cottage chic melamine $5.00 for all pieces.

This is the place.

This beautiful chandelier I found in this library..............

This library is 5 years old  and in Burbank, California.

This is a beautiful water fountain outside the library to help make the 100 degree
heat bearable.

Nothing better than supporting your local libary.

I ended up having lunch here. The second oldest Bob's Big Boy. Built in 1949. And......

From where I was sitting I took a photo of a paparazzi taking a photo (outside on
 the sidewall). I saw others but I got this lucky shot. Lots of celebs in Burbank but
but I wouldn't know one if I fell over one. They usually look so different in person.

What the blazes was I doing going to a heated place miles of freeway away
when I could stay right at home in the blistering heat? I drove my grandson
to Warner Bros. where he was in a background shoot for an upcoming
sitcom. He has done background work for sometime now but his mom
usually takes him. He is staying with mon amour and me so we took him.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Adding To The Shabby Chic Garden

              As summer comes to an end, I have some more suggestions for a Shabby Chic garden.

Lace and ruffles

Soft pinks and white

Vintage pinks


A touch of lavender

And of course, roses. Anything you would add?
These were all taken at my garden center.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turquoise Jewelry

My favorite gemstone to wear is turquoise.
Today I've collected some images of turquoise jewelry in 
different styles and almost all price ranges to show you.

Nordstrom 'Cleopatra' multi-row statement necklace $43.90

Ross-Simons Black onyx ring with turquoise $165.00

ASOS Enamel bangle $60.34

Nordstrom  Zad stretch seed bead cuff $14.00

 Nordstrom Triple circle drop earrings $38.00

Ippolita 7 stone lollipop necklace faceted turquoise $295.00
Ippolita Small teardrop faceted turquoise earrings $295.00

Ippolita 5 stone faceted turquoise bangle $325.00
Novica Pearl and turquoise choker $52.95

Topshop  Turquoise stone cuff $80.00

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bees, Spiders And Roses In The Garden

I was inspired to do this post because a blogger asked where are all the bees
and butterflies. I found a lot of bees this spring and summer but I couldn't
catch a butterfly with my camera. Still trying.
These look like my 'Leonidas' rose. This was taken at The Huntington Library. Another
 missed photo from there.

Looking over the photos from The Huntington Library I found this missed photo of a
spider with some kind of a bug.

This was taken at my garden center.

Do you see the tiny ant?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Do You Wanna Know A 'Secret'?

I went back to my local garden center and bought the other rose. It was between
'Secret' and 'California Dreaming'. 'Secret' won over my heart. I found another
awesome rose that was purple. In person the rose is a rich purple but in my
photo here it looks a little different.
'Secret', a hybrid tea, diease resistant and has a strong scent.

Here are some other beautiful flowers.

They had a huge collection of pots of every color. I liked the blues.
I'm linking with How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seeing Red

I love a touch of red. I've been hoping red would come on strong for fall for
two years now. I don't think it's a trend for fall. What do you think? Wear it anyway?
 It hasn't been forgotten. I found these.

ZARA Embroided t-shirt $29.90

Forever 21 Off-the-shoulder dress $24.80

SAKS  DKNY Jersey dress $195.00

ZARA Two tone pointed ankle boot $99.90

ZARA Patent leather messenger bag $79.90

ZARA Mao collar blouse $59.90

Nordstrom Pleated shantung dress $148.00

Monday, August 15, 2011

Shopping For A New Rose For My Garden

I've been thinking about adding to my rose garden for a couple of months now
and this weekend I bought a new rose for it. Here are the roses I looked at
and the rose I finally bought.

Once I saw this rose it was a serious contender but I had my heart set on an
orange rose. I still might get this rose, too.

This is 'Tuscan Sun' and it was on my cart but......

I liked this two tone rose so much but still looking around for a perfect orange rose.

This is the rose I bought. It is 'Leonidas' a hybrid tea. Altho I loved the 'Tuscan Sun'
rose, this rose won my heart over with it's soft yellow center. It is a cutting rose
and disease resistant. While I was at the garden center, I took photos
 of other flowers and plants I thought were beautiful.  
I think this is a fancy hibiscus.

Fall will be here soon and I'm attracted to all the fall colors like in this sunflower.

What do you think? Do you like my choice or do you have a personal
favorite that I haven't seen or one of these. Maybe you are tired of
my roses, and want to see something else. Next week I will be back
in the Shabby Chic Garden with new additions.