Monday, May 2, 2011

In The Garden-Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Today I'm taking you to the lovely, serene Cerritos Sculpture Garden in Cerritos,
California. It is next to the Cerritos Library. It has beautiful sculptures and
a surprise for the children who visit. It is free.

This is my personal favorite.

This is the Elements-earth, wind, water and fire.

Close-up of fire

Statue of Freedom

This is the surprise for the children. A secret walk way thru the hedge.


Camille said...

what a beautiful place! i love the four elements statue and the statue of freedom! the pathway through the hedges is also adorable!

beachcomber said...

looks beautiful! love the secret pathway and the statue of freedom.
cheryl x

designchic said...

What a treasure to have in your hometown...adore the secret walkway!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

What an awesome place! It looks so beautiful there. I agree what a blessing to have such a great place so close like that!!

Luciane at said...

Hello my friend!

How are you doing?

Wow.. they're enchanting! I love sculptures.

Have a Happy Day!


Luciane at

Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a beautiful place! I love the secret get away walk through! Looks magical! I could spend an entire day there!

P.S. I'm sorry to hear that you were having problems commenting on my blog. Let me know if you experience that again and I'll try to fix it! xoxoxoo

rosapelsblog said...

i like the statue of freedom

Anonymous said...

very inspierin pics!stop by my blog if you like