Friday, May 6, 2011

Back To Bliss-Favorite Place To Be

More from our visit to Bliss Home Design in Corona Del Mar, California

I love the trumpet shaped glasses

Close-up of glasses

I couldn't go back to Bliss without spotlighting a chandelier.

I love this vase.

The front of the shop

The deli is next door to Bliss. It has a fresh ground beef
taco for $1.45 and a 20 oz. fresh banana shake for $4.50.
Skip McDonalds if you visit Corona Del Mar.  I'm sure
the locals do.


Fash Boulevard said...

amazing post. thanks love. check out my pick for fabulous friday and find out who landed on the fash fave and fash fail list of the week. would love the support. xoxo

the fishermans cottage said...

All those wonderful textures.. lovely x

Luciane at said...

Oh, your blog just keeps getting better and better, my friend! I enjoyed this so much!

I'm so glad to see your comment. They always, always bring me a smile! You're so sweet all the time and I appreciate your friendship.

Have a blessed weekend!


Luciane at

Simply Me said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments !! hope you have a wonderful Mothers day !

BECKY MAY said...

Beautiful pictures, what lovely things!

The Flower Girl

Desire Empire said...

A great day out. Home decor and a lovely lunch, now that is my idea of a good time.
Have a great weekend.
Best Carolyn

sorelle in style said...

wow those candlesticks are beautiful! lovely photos :)

sorelle in style

Anonymous said...

♥oh. so nice post.)) i love your blog.))♥

Jes said...

Great blog!

Stop by sometime

Wida said...

Wow! I love that vase as well!

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