Cruisin Over Sixty

Cruisin Over Sixty

Saturday, May 23, 2015

San Francisco

Taking off from LAX to San Francisco on Virgin
America with the tower in the background.
I would fly Virgin again.

My daughter and I traveled to San Francisco and Redding, California for a week. This little
Beach Grill started an amazing adventure for us. Our waiter made our day. He
steered us to some wonderful sites and shops.

We started our adventure here on a typical
San Francisco street.

We walked about and found this fantastic little boutique called,
Paparazzi. This was our most memorable time in San Francisco.
This is the front window of the shop that is filled with beautiful
clothing and jewelry. If you visit, you have to stop here. It's
the North Beach location on Grant Street. More later on what we
This was the chandelier hanging in the shop. I can't resist a gorgeous chandelier.
Beautiful one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

This is the sign on the front window.

This is the famous coffee house where many authors have written
best sellers. I had espresso. Delicious.

This is the book store made famous in the hippie sixties.

How could we miss walking to Pier 39 where I got this shot of a passenger ferry racing to get a
better view of Alcatraz prison.

This is the back of the Fog Harbor restaurant at Pier 39. We had a pick me up here which
included crème brulee.

I couldn't resist taking this photo.

On our way out of San Francisco I walked into this Art Gallery (near the CVS) with a dozen beautiful
chandeliers located near Pier 39.

We drove to Redding, California where we stayed in this beautiful hotel (Win-River) with
this lovely creek running in front of it.

My top is by Lucky brand from Nordstrom and my sunglasses by Ralph Lauren
My earrings I bought at Paparazzi.
This is the reason for our trip. We went to see my brother, Doug.
Here we are underneath the palms at the hotel.

This is my beautiful daughter, Jenny. A joy
to travel with. We had a great time.

This is the view of the Bay Bridge as we drove to the airport to return home.
I didn't get a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was too far away.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a happy mother's day. I did and I am
sharing some of the images from my day of what the guests
wore at the brunch my daughter gave for mother's day.

I loved this print jacket and pink necklace. It says spring.

This looked  fashionable on a 89 year
old mother. I liked the blue and white with
the gold accents.

Great Boho top.

Even my granddaughter dressed for the occasion.

Beautiful handmade glass necklace.

Gift at the brunch.

The gentlemen dressed up, too.

This man just bought himself  a motorcycle-pictured below.

Not that I am a fan of motorcycles but this is a picture of the
Harley Davidson bike.

This is my hubby on said bike. It was a fun day and
the men enjoyed it as much as all the women. I
hope your mother's day was great.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring And Summer Dressing

I am taking you inside Nordstrom's today for Spring and Summer dressing. All photos
are inside the Cerritos, California Nordstrom's. This is not a sponsored post.
These are all things I would love to wear. These sandals are my favorite
this year.
This is my favorite outfit that I found in the store.

If I was in Hawaii, I would be wearing this.

If I was traveling Europe this summer, I
would be wearing this.

Denim is still with us.

Do you have heart for all things French? I do.

Sandals are nude for the season.

This is by Free People

Do you have teenagers? This perfect for them.
Have a great Spring and Summer. The choices
that I have picked to show you today are more
reasonable then the last post.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Best Of Spring Dressing

I am showcasing what I think is the best of the best for spring and I
would buy and wear if I could. First up is this magnificent combination
of crop top and maxi skirt by Milly from NM for $295-625. 

Lovefringe sandal by Sturat Weitzman $450
And these shoes. If I could I would!
Everything shown is from Neiman Marcus. This
not a sponsored post. These are my personal

Eugenia Kim floppy hat $440
For resort lounging or in my back yard I would wear this.

Galassia sunglasses $400
Great new design in a sunglass.

Floral top $208
This is from one of my favorite spring and summer designers, Johnny Was.

Tolani silk tunic $205
Gorgeous for walking thru villages or by the pool.

St John animal print dress $995
Finally a fun and flirty dress for light spring and summer dinners.
Have a beautiful spring full of wonderful memories!
If you can shop for the best, these are some of my picks
to help you enjoy your spring and take great selfies.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Celebrate Spring

Celebrate spring with a homemade Easter basket. I made this for myself to share with
my family. You can make one for your family, friend or yourself. This was fun to
put together and not that expensive. I leave it out for family or friends to help
themselves to whatever catches their eye in the basket.
I put dollar gold coins (I got them from the bank)
in plastic eggs that I got at the market.
We have a See's candy shop near us and I got the finger puppet on a candy cane, the
 chocolate egg, sour bunnies, foil wrapped bunny and orange cream suckers from there.
Everything else I got from the market including my favorite shower gel, Neutrogena's
Rainbath in pomegranate. There is some cotton candy hiding in the back of the basket
and inside the Hello Kitty tin are Jelly Belly candies.
Pink is my color for Easter and spring this year.
Have a Happy Easter.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Contenders

These are the stars in my garden today. I will probably stop showing so many shots of my
roses when springs gets here-spring is here- and the rest of the country has beautiful roses, too.
This color is always so rich it takes my breath away.



Do you see the little green spider on this rose? I am always
trying to capture shots of the critters.

I love how my roses have these subtle and sometimes
not so subtle changes in color. You've probably seen enough
of my roses by now and are looking at your own or looking
forward soon to seeing yours. Good-bye for now from
my rose garden and welcome to spring!
(The sun has been so hot here this week that it has burned
the outer edges of these rose petals.)
Very shabby but chic...