Cruisin Over Sixty

Cruisin Over Sixty
Sentimental Rose

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yearning For Spring Request

A blogger that I follow requested more rose photos from my garden. I am happy to do it.
I love roses and that's what inspired me to do this blog. This "Sentimental" rose of mine likes
to bloom in our cooler winter in Southern California with a little rain and  sunshine.
Here it is a day later falling apart in a very shabby chic way. We're expecting rain this
I turned this rose upside down and around to get these photos. When it blooms it
never looks the same. It's a chameleon rose, if there is such a thing.
"....If I Should Die Before I Wake..."
When I was three years old my mother would put me to bed and
say a prayer before she tucked me in. In the prayer were these words
"If I should die before I wake".  I asked my mother what it felt like to
die and she did not know. I remember asking her to come back after
she died and tell me what it was like. She said she would. She passed
away twelve years ago and I am still waiting to hear from her.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Shabby Chic Star In My Garden

This very shabby chic rose is the star in my garden today.

It glows in the afternoon sun.

This shabby chic orchid is in my bath and I put it in the sweet
crown vase I found at Roger's Gardens

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Waiting for Spring

I was out and about this week and dropped into Pier 1 and to
my surprise found all kinds of ideas for Spring and yes, for
Easter. Already. But the displays were lovely. I had
to share. Lots of cute bunnies.
Tablescapes galore.

This little bunny is a salt shaker.

I wanted to take this table scape home with me.

Too cute.

They had surprising faux wreaths.

This is a charming napkin holder.

I thought you might like to see things that were available to celebrate Spring while
waiting for it.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter Blooms

Look what greeted me in my garden one morning this week after a rain.
 This beautiful rose likes to bloom here in southern California in the winter after a rain.

I love the color of peppermint candy.

This rose wasn't to be out done. It bloomed the same day.

The same rose two days later.

It is so dry here, this is what we usually see in southern California gardens in the winter.
These do very well all year long. Outside.
And inside.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day 2015

If anyone who knows me, they know that Valentine's Day is my favorite day.
This year I went out and about and took some shots in Newport Beach, California
to help you with inspiration for the big love day. This first shot is of
a card I bought. 
Give her a box to store her trinkets. 
An itty bitty ornament with crown because it is so cute.

A large ornament for her drawer pull.

It's the thought that counts. 'Here's My Heart'.

 Chocolate is always for Valentine's Day.

Hang these lovely streamers to celebrate.

 Crown her officially Queen of  your heart.
Roger's Gardens
This sweet topiary would make a perfect gift for the gardener. 

Love to you in French.


Friday, January 16, 2015

The Year Of The Chandelier

I have deemed 2015 the year of the chandelier. Here is Mr. Cos admiring
this beautiful chandelier at Roger's Gardens. 


This is vintage from Country Roads Antiques in Orange, California

A year ago I walked into my doctor's office and saw this.
A standing lamp chandelier. It was purchased at Restoration

 Life can be full of beauty full surprises.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

California Winter Garden

Do you see the bees at work? This is southern California.
All photos are in temperate southern California.

These are blooming right now in southern California. Anemones.
Blooming Camilla tree.

I have never seen this before, Stonehenge water fountains.
This is what you would expect to see in a dry, warm  climate.

If this was in my garden, no way would it be this big.
Roger's Gardens
Something for Valentine's day for the gardener.

Snow in southern California on December 31, 2014. This is
in Rainbow, California a few miles from Temecula, California.
Temecula is located in the southern most county in California-
San Diego County.
Photo taken by Kimi S. on a ranch in Rainbow.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Coastal Winter Decor

I love eye-candy in the winter for the home. This is
all coastal design from Bliss Home and Design in
Corona del Mar. Mr. Cos is admiring this beautiful
shell chandelier.
I couldn't resist this shot of the reflections of the
chandelier in the mirrors.

There are many beach and nautical designs in this shop.
This was my favorite chandelier of the day. Gorgeous.

Magnificent entry.
All photos were taken at Bliss Home and Design in Corona del Mar, California
Details of a tabletop with crown napkin rings.
Altho this might not be your cup of tea, this shop has
something for everyone and a website where you can buy
things from their shop on-line. I don't get compensated
for this. I just love this shop. I hope your New Year
is filled with beautiful sights and sounds.
Last shot of this wonderful chandelier.