Friday, July 20, 2018


                                Today I am posting my Nordstrom purchases I have made pre-sale
                              for Nordstrom's July sale:

This is the Caslon Utlitiy jacket. I think it will
be perfect for cool, misty mornings and nights.
Even rain.

This is the bag I have ordered for fall. I love the
faux crocidile. 

I have needed a lightweight machine washable
cardigan for ages. I like the extra length on this
one and the pockets.

The details are really nice on this top, altho
you can't see it well because it's black.

I use this serum and altho not on sale
it comes with 3 bags of free generous samples.

I bought three black Giraffe brand pillows. So soft.
I have bought these before at the last sale. You
can remove cover and wash it.

Well that's it for now. I have'nt shared my Christmas purchases
because I didn't want to give away the surprise. But these 
purchases are mine and I will use them. Happy Shopping!

Friday, January 19, 2018

                                                   Valentine's Day Alert

                             January 19, 2018
                       It's coming dangerously close to Valentine's Day? Do you celebrate?
                       I do it's one of my favorites!

                                   Generally the way we celebrate is with food and wine and
                                       Friends! We call it the Love Feast!

                                                         It's a happy time with friends and family.


                                                  We share small gifts and memories.

                                                      And I dream of Paris!
                                                           I kinda screwed up this post
                                                               but my heart is in it.

Monday, January 23, 2017

So many Marvelous things in the world today to reflect how you feel

This is a good start when things are really gloomy.
Another thing you can do when the world gets too dark, Dance:

Stand for something that means alot to you even if it is painful

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Celebrating Fall

This is a little something from the inside of my home. Animal print velvet pumpkins
from NM with my vase from Big Lots. 

This is my favorite pillow that I found for this year.

This is like the one I put up for my decoration but with witches.

A pretty faux wreath.

What is fall without pumpkins and all kinds of

My garden center did this and I like it a lot, especially for Southern California
drought living.

This is what I put up as part of my Halloween

Monday, September 28, 2015

Welcome Fall

I want to welcome fall but it is 90 degrees today where I live so it is very 
difficult to get in the mood but I have these shots I took that maybe can help
me out.

I am showing you pumpkins that are real and faux pumpkins for lasting decorating.

These come in all colors.

My favorites.

I have included my idea of a fall rose, 'Leonidas'. 
Have a happy fall. I hope yours is cooler than mine.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dressing For Fall

You need a new pair of booties for fall and what better option
than from Forever 21. The prices are so good and these are
good looking don't you think?

Some new shades to block the still shining sun in the fall.

A cozy soft sweater for those cooler nights. All of the above are from
Forever 21.

How abour fall dressing for your tabletop? This is at Pottery Barn.

I happen to like the  animal print  candle holders.
What do you think ? Are you ready for fall. I am.
It took me forever to figure out how to put my blog 
together since putting on microsoft 10. I had to go in
the back door on google chrome to get the photos on my
blog and guess what? They have put google chrome on my
 computer in spanish??!! By the way I don't speak a word of

Monday, July 20, 2015

Garden Center Beauties

We visited my favorite garden center last week. I got this shot of a beautiful Begonia plant.

Another beautiful Begonia.

Love this tree with the hanging baskets.

Everyone has some kind of vintage planter that they can do this.

Inside the garden center is a boutique and I love this magnificent Paris
banner that they had hanging inside.

Stunning display of glassware.

This beauty is for sale.

Inside were hanging more than a dozen beautiful chandeliers.

I liked this little chandelier.

We bought this plant and brought it home and planted it.
It is supposed to attract butterflies.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Dressing 2015

I went shopping for summer threads with my daughter
and I am going to share a little of our trip with you.
First that is up, is my favorite outfit that we found.
This was at Nordstrom.

Something for lounging on hot summer nights and a lightweight cardigan
if you walk out by the pool and there is a chill. Also at Nordstrom.

This is a lightweight lavender trench coat. My daughter found this
at the Paparazzi boutique in San Francisco. 

A new take on a denim jacket. I have never seen anything like this. At Nordstrom.

This is the outfit my daughter wore to go shopping at
Nordstrom. Not bad for "then" fashion?

I bought these earrings at the
Paparazzi boutique in San Francisco.
Just so you know the sizes were so
small this is the only thing that fit me.

This tee at Nordstrom. I thought I'd give you a smile.
When I was a teen there was this certain age that
I gave up fries for guys.

Finally, this is me having lunch at Nordstrom's lunch room
in my new Nordstrom hat and my Johnny Was top from
on-line and my Ralph Lauren sunglasses. I have the one
size fits everyone earrings on. I am back to eating fries.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More From The Vinage Marketplace Summer 2015

These are a few more photos from the Vintage Marketplace
June 5,6 and 7 of 2015. They are mainly of things my
friend and I were thinking of purchasing. This all white
shabby chic prints called to me. I like them for my all
white shabby master. I don't have any more room on
my walls so I had to walk away.

These vintage chairs were re-upholstered by Rita Reade and were in
her booth for $30 a piece and my friend was interested in them.

This is an oil on wood. I don't know if it is a Christie Repasy work of not.

Vintage dolls getting ready for the summer spirit.

Charming wall art.

I almost bought this t-shirt. Surprising some of the booths had new clothes.


Have a cup of coffee before or after your visit next door at the Rainbow Oaks cafĂ©.
Reasonable prices. Down to earth good food.